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Michel Zappy

6606 Drolet Street
Montreal Qc
H2S 2S8 Canada


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Michel Zappy studied illustratraion and graphic design at the Beaux Arts of Strasbourg France and was a successful illustrators in France long before moving his talents to Montreal. His sense of humour, style and color use have assured his continued success here on the other side of the Atlantic. His fresh and punchy art have ver "Parisian Chic" quality to them. His beautiful architectural designs, vivid use of color and clever compositions combine to give his work a modern feel and that certain "je ne sais quoi"


Air Canada En Route magazine, Rogers Media, Cleveland's Sunday magazine, Elle magazine France, Marie-Claire, Femme Actuelle, BBDO, Publicis, Rothild insurance France, Astral Media Canada, Loto-QuEbec.

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