ZAKS Illustrators

Here's a little background that may save you time in using ZAKs Illustrators Source.

Since 1997 ZAKS Illustrators Source has been home to internationally recognized illustrators and graphic designers.

The site provides a readily accessible portfolio for art directors, creative directors, and graphic arts professionals seeking everything from print illustration to packaging to books and book covers to spot illustration and animation. The site receives over 100 thousand site visits annually.

If you are looking for an agent or representation. . . ZAKs Illustrators Source does not serve as an agent or artist representative. Nor can we provide rep services, nor do we recommend agencies or representation services. If you are in search of representation, please consult a comprehensive directory.

If you are looking for illustrators for an assignment,. . . You can negotiate with them or their agents directly; ZAKs Illustrators Source does not act as an intermediary. We do NOT extract a commission or any fee for assignments generated via the site.

If you are seeking to locate or purchase original work from illustrators on the site. . . Please contact them directly. ZAKs Illustrators Source does not sell original artwork.

If you wish to contact an illustrator. . . please use the contact information provided on that illustrator's page. We are unable to forward messages to individuals.