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James P. Lennon

(559) 271-3258

fax (559) 498-5162

jplennon487@msn.com or jalennon2000@hotmail.com

All images copyright 1997 James P. Lennon

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A versatile artist who not only possesses a masterful figurative style, but also employs expressionist and surrealistic techniques. With subjects ranging from portraiture of public and historic figures to representation of nature, he commands a variety of media including oil, pen and ink, watercolor, and pastel.

Essentially a self taught artist, Mr. Lennon acknowledges the influence of many masters of the past and finds, as he has written, that "nothing is more inspirational and creatively motivating than learning from observing the work of others." His perceptive observation has enabled him to develop an expert technique that has inspired a great demand for his work from government, school, and corporate agencies, and a call for display in galleries throughout California.


Chance Magazine
City of Fresno

Fresno Water Conservation
Downtown Association
Standard Rent-A-Car
Numerous Commissioned Portraits & Paintings
(Varied Subject Matter}
Chinatown Jazz Festival
Central California A.I.D.S. Foundation
Black Bear Publications