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Fred Otnes

Represented by Bill Erlacher, Artists Associates - (212) 755-1365
All images Fred Otnes 1996

"Each of Otnes" collages incorporates a remarkable range and depth of knowledge --
not only the technical know-how that flows from his fingertips,
not only the traditional training that he absorbed at the Art Institute and the American Academy of Art in Chicago,
not only the modern photographic-printing-lithographic technology that he has mastered,
not only the influences of other present-day painters that he has adapted to his own vision,
but also the supplementary acquisition of a staggering amount of information about the special subject he is illustrating and illuminating."

-- Jim Hoffman, Graphis Magazine.

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Fred Otnes has been the winner of over 150 awards for clients such as: Exxon Corporation, Marsh & McLennan, H.J. Heinz Co., Wymnan Gordan, The Interpublic Group of Companies, The Depository Trust Company, Equitable Life Leasing Corp., American Express Siemens Capital Corp., Grupo Industries Alpha, New England telephone, Arrow Automotive Industries, Rohm Haas Company, Pfizer Inc., Hutchinson Whampoa Limited, Ernst & Young, NASA, Nation Academy of Science, National Geographic Society.