ZAKS Illustrators Source FAQ

Basic information about joining Zaks Illustrators Source:

How do I join?
Send samples of your work, or provide a URL where it can be seen. Zaks Illustrators Source will review the work and contact you.

Is there a cost?
Cost to join: $150 first year, $110 renewal.

Do you charge a commission?
Zaks Illustrators Source does not charge any commissions. The site is also non-exclusive, i.e., you can maintain a portfolio at Zaks Illustrators Source and any other site(s) you choose.

Suppose I do not qualify?

If you are just starting out in the field, or are looking for an alternative site in which to display experimental work or new techniques, consider the sister site:

I am looking for an agent or a representative.
Zaks Illustrators Source does not serve as agent or representative for any of the illustrators who maintain online portfolios. There are many excellent agents and representatives in this field. Conduct research on your own or speak to other illustrators who are satisfied with their representation.

I want to buy an illustration.
Contact the illustrator directly. Most provide several means of contact. If there is no contact info on the illustrators site, drop us an email, we'll see what we can do to help.

Why do some illustrators have e-mail but not others?
We respect the right of every individual illustrator to provide as many - or as few - method of communication as he or she desires.

I am just starting out in the field, and I would like advice.
If you are in school, talk with your teachers or another nearby mentor. Also, keep up with the leading journals in the field - Communications Arts, Print, HOW, just to name a few. Read the magazines and visit their web sites. Try the AIGA - American Institute of Graphic Artists and visit their site Finally, contact illustrators whose work you admire. But be respectful. Many are extremely busy individuals.

Do illustrators on the site ever get contacted for projects?
Zaks Illustrators Source regularly receives inquires from art directors, creative directors, book publishers, manufacturers of games, clothing, packaging and other professionals searching for illustrators. These inquiries come primarily from the United States and Canada, with increasing numbers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.