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Stan Gorman

Partial client list: Oxford University Press, McGraw Hill, Scholastic, Innovative Kids, Taco Bell, Davidson Interactive, WABC Television New York, American Computer Optics, Toyota Express Lube, American First Federal Credit Union, Delimex, Exterra Termite Baiting System, Litton Data Systems, Toyota, Nissan, Continental Airlines, Aloha Airlines, Apple Computer Inc., Lotus Software, Lockheed Aircraft, Dow Chemicals, Globe Tires, Carnation Foods, Applause Inc., Buick Automotive show, Mattel Toys, Geographics, and Disneyland, (Conceptual Designer and Illustrator).

Designed a theme park for the City of Norfolk, Virginia (Jacques Cousteau Society).

Designed displays for Disney, Nickelodeon, Rugrats, Hot Wheels, and Barbie for the New York Toy Fair.

Storyboard Director for Marvel Productions working on Spiderman and Dungeons and Dragons Saturday morning shows.

Art director (10) years in the video game industry as creative director for Virgin Interactive, and art director for Williams Entertainment.

Illustrated for most major national advertising agencies and design firms.

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